How a Toronto Lactation Consultant Can Assist With Breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding is a wonderful, natural process, but it also comes with many challenges. From nipple pain to milk supply issues, breastfeeding mothers report many difficulties throughout the process as they learn to feed their little ones. A board-certified Toronto lactation consultant serves breastfeeding families in the area with a variety of lactation services to support them in their breastfeeding journeys. 

Find An Incredible Toronto Lactation Consultant To Support Your Breastfeeding Journey

Mamas Au Lait

Toronto, ON 

Mamas Au Lait is run by Paola, a lactation consultant with over a decade of medical experience and over 4,000 hours of clinical experience helping families in their breastfeeding journey. She is committed to ongoing education so that she can provide families with the best possible care. She also holds a degree in Child Nutrition. This trained her to provide families with advice on how to feed their babies as they get older. Paola specializes in tethered oral tissues (tongue ties and lip ties) and incorporates oral motor exercises and rhythmic movements in her practice. She has extra training in pumping and feeding gear, allowing her to fully support patients in their pumping journeys or families that use specialized feeding devices.

Whether you’re struggling with your baby’s feeding, are dealing with soreness with breastfeeding, your baby has a lip tie, or you need guidance on how to start solid foods, Paola is able to provide excellent support when it comes to infant feeding. Her services support families in breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solids, oral habilitation, relactation, and weaning. 

Lactation Clinic

Toronto, ON 

At Lactation Clinic in Toronto, Oksana Laurinaviciene is a lactation consultant who can assist families with breast or nipple pain, mastitis, latch issues, and other common breastfeeding issues. She is a mother of two who successfully breastfed her own children, and her personal struggles have allowed her to become an amazing support resource for breastfeeding families. She has been a registered lactation consultant since 2014. This group provides private in-clinic appointments, private in-home appointments, and private virtual consultations. Lactation services are even available virtually for out-of-province or out-of-country patients. 

Kate Sissons

Serving North, Central, West, and East Toronto

Kate Sissons provides breastfeeding and lactation consultant support to families in the Toronto area. Issues that she addresses include eliminating nipple and breast pain, providing latching tips and tricks, helping with positioning, managing and assessing tongue ties, knowing if the baby is getting enough milk, helping with pumping and flange fitting, giving advice on using bottles, and helping families as they start their baby on solid foods. All lactation support packages include 2 weeks of follow-up support, either by phone, email, video calls, or text messaging.

Kate Sissons’ support helps make latching and feeding the baby easier, increases a breastfeeding mom’s confidence, and eliminates pain associated with feeding. She helps create a unique plan for parents, along with 2 weeks of follow-up support. Appointments can be at home, in a clinic, or virtual. 

New Mummy Co

Serving Toronto and the wider GTA area

New Mummy Co helps empower nursing moms to overcome common breastfeeding challenges. They believe that breastfeeding helps a mother and baby bond, but it can also be challenging. Lactation consultants at New Mummy Co provide in-home visits to assist families with breastfeeding issues. Common challenges include latching, positioning, and getting the baby to respond to the breast. Lactation consultants empower and support women in a non-judgmental way, helping them develop this new skill that will help them bond with their baby. All advice is kind, empowering, and caring so that families feel supported and confident in their breastfeeding journey. 

Toronto Lactation Consultant

Lactation consultants can help breastfeeding families through a variety of support services, addressing issues such as breast pain, low milk supply, latch issues, positioning, and much more. Lactation consultants assist breastfeeding parents, helping them have a successful feeding journey. These Toronto-based lactation consultants offer excellent support services to breastfeeding families in the area. 

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