Toronto Midwives to Guide You Through the Birth Process!

Midwives provide exceptional care during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. Midwives offer patient-focused, family-centered care and support women whether they choose to give birth at a hospital, a birth center, or in their own home. These Toronto midwives provide high-quality care for women and their families throughout pregnancy and early parenthood to ensure that all families feel safe, supported, and empowered during this beautiful time in their lives. 

10 Toronto Midwives Ensuring Personalized Care & Attention to Birth Plans

Sages Femmes Rouge Valley Midwives

91 Rylander Blvd

Scarborough, ON M1B 5M5

Welcoming a child into the world is a life-changing event, and women are in good hands with midwives at Sages Femmes Rouge Valley Midwives. Whether women deliver at home or in a hospital, the midwives at this practice are professional, respectful, and patient-focused, combining art and science into the specialized care of pregnant women and their babies. These midwives provide high-quality care throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Uptown Midwives and Family Wellness

3424 Bathurst Street

North York, ON M6A 2C2

Uptown Midwives and Family Wellness is a collective of like-minded individuals focused on improving perinatal care in an interdisciplinary, holistic model of care. All midwives are registered with the College of Midwives of Ontario and maintain certifications in CPR, NRP, and other emergency skills. 

Uptown Midwives also features a fabulous admin team that keeps the clinic running smoothly at all times. This midwifery practice also offers classes in various topics, including optimizing health during pregnancy and basic first aid, CPR, choking, and AED skills.

West End Midwives Toronto

1275 Finch Avenue West

Toronto, ON M3J 0L5

West End Midwives has been in operation since 2009 and has grown to include a team of 20 midwives. As a group, these midwives have attended over 3,000 births, many of which took place outside of a hospital. The team at West End Midwives are experts in healthy pregnancy, labor and birth, and newborn care. This clinic operates on inclusivity and social justice principles, providing care for everyone regardless of culture, race, status, or sexual orientation. 

Clients of West End Midwives can deliver at home, at William Osler Etobicoke General Hospital, or Humber River Hospital. Midwives provide postpartum care for six weeks following the birth, as midwives monitor the health of the mother and baby, provide breastfeeding support, and are available on call during all hours of the day.

The Midwives’ Clinic of East York

1 Leaside Park Drive

Toronto, ON M4H 1R1

The Midwives’ Clinic of East York serves the diverse communities of East York, Thorncliffe Park, Don Mills, and East Scarborough, with several midwives that speak foreign languages to assist families of all backgrounds. They operate out of Michael Garron Hospital and offer a complete course of care, including prenatal care, labor and birth support, and six weeks of postpartum care. 

The team provides care whether women deliver at the hospital or in their homes. Midwives can consult with specialists and make referrals for high-risk pregnancies. Midwives at this practice operate in a Pair Model or Pod Model, where 2-3 midwives work collaboratively with each patient to provide well-rounded care.

Kensington Midwives

340 College Street

Toronto, ON M5T 3A9

At Kensington Midwives, the team provides primary care to patients during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the first six weeks postpartum. They support clients and their families, focusing on respect for pregnancy and birth as normal and natural processes. Midwives offer safe, personalized care for all patients, whether they give birth at a hospital, in their home, or at a birth center. 

Midwives at Kensington Midwives support clients in their choice of birthplace. They have privileges at Toronto Birth Center, St. Joseph’s Health Center, or in patients’ homes. Midwives provide a full range of care throughout pregnancy through the first weeks postpartum.

Riverdale Community Midwives

48 River Street

Toronto, ON M5A 3N9

Riverdale Community Midwives support and inspire families on their journey of pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood, holding space for birth as a healthy and life-changing event. For 25 years, Riverdale Community Midwives has operated as a community hub for primary midwifery care. 

This practice features experienced registered midwives who offer low-risk obstetric care to healthy pregnant women and their newborns. They provide compassionate, individual-focused maternity care focusing on each family. Midwives support and inspire families on their health journeys, empowering them to make the most informed decisions regarding having a healthy pregnancy.

Midwives also encourage the use of complementary therapies when available. These include mental health counseling, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and bodywork. The clinic also provides several prenatal classes, including hypnobirthing birth preparation. They also offer health resources to families as they go about their parenting journey.

Midwives Collective of Toronto

1203 Bloor Street West

Toronto, ON M6H 1N4

The Midwives Collective of Toronto is a group practice that provides community-based midwifery care to Toronto families and has been operating since 1983. 

This group provides care during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum, attending home births and births at the Toronto Birth Center and hospitals in the area. Midwives work closely as a group to provide consistent, on-call care. The clinic offers Prenatal care, and postnatal care occurs in the patient’s home.

Trillium Midwives

50 McIntosh Drive

Markham, ON L3R 9T3

Trillium Midwives is an Ontario midwifery group that provides primary care for low-risk pregnant women. Patients at Trillium Midwives are informed, empowered, and paired with highly experienced midwives specializing in personalized healthcare. 

Trillium Midwives provide prenatal care, including counseling, education, and advice on nutrition, exercise, and mental health throughout pregnancy and the postpartum recovery period. Midwives can answer questions, address concerns, and provide information to help clients feel informed and empowered throughout their health journey.

Midwifery Care – North Don River Valley

200 Finch Avenue W

North York, ON

Midwifery Care of North Don River Valley has served families for decades and was one of the first practices to open in the province. The practice has grown to include more than a dozen midwives who attend about 500 births every year. Midwives are an active part of North York General Hospital’s Maternal and Newborn Department. 

Their service area includes North Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Thornhill, and Richmond Hill. Midwives can conduct all regular checkups, order routine tests, and prescribe commonly used medications. They can also provide postpartum support for up to six weeks after birth.

Diversity Midwives

10 Bimbrok Road

Scarborough, ON

Diversity Midwives is a midwifery practice whose mission is to keep inclusivity as the top priority in midwifery care. These midwives serve various diverse families and strive to ensure that all parents feel like they are active, informed decision-makers when they partner with a midwife. 

Diversity Midwives values a team-based approach to health care, featuring a team of midwives working collaboratively to provide every family with the best possible care. Every midwife is dedicated to serving each client’s unique needs and goals. Midwives are compassionate, patient, and supportive so that all families feel safe and empowered in their care. 

Toronto Midwives

These Toronto midwives provide expert care during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum, giving families the support and care they deserve. Midwives are family-focused healthcare providers striving to ensure each patient feels informed and empowered regarding their healthcare decisions. 

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