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A birth centre provides an excellent alternative to hospital births for low-risk pregnancies. Birth centres often provide warm, welcoming, family-focused environments where patients can enjoy minimal interventions during labor and delivery. The Toronto Birth Centre is unique in that it specializes in providing respectful care to the Indigenous community, supporting all people as they embark on their parenthood journey. 

About Toronto Birth Centre

525 Dundas Street

Toronto, ON M5A 2B6

The Toronto Birth Centre is a unique space led by members of the Indigenous community. This team includes midwives who provide specialized care during labor and delivery. The facility’s goal is to allow people, families, and communities to be able to access culturally rich and safer birthing care, anchored in the celebration of the knowledge and cultures of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples. 

Indigenous midwives at Toronto Birth Centre live their ways of life, reclaim their practices, and provide care for communities even despite ongoing colonial impositions and injustice. The team at Toronto Birth Centre prioritizes sharing the space with other communities that continue to feel the impact of modern society’s unjust systems. The goal is cultural safety for all, especially in healthcare. 

The TBC commits to Indigenous cultural integrity, which means integrating Indigenous ways of seeing, being, knowing, and doing. This is a celebratory birth space where culture is welcomed and respected. All patients’ cultural practices and beliefs are respected, honored, and valued. TBC strives to help all families achieve optimal health and wellness throughout their lives. 


The Toronto Birth Centre is a regulated, community-based healthcare facility that offers pregnant people a safe, welcoming, comfortable place to give birth. This family-oriented environment allows patients to have more choice in their medical care, able to access care whether they plan to have a baby at a hospital, at home, or at the birth centre. 

The TBC environment respects the diverse communities in Toronto. This safe, welcoming space helps families achieve the birth experience they desire. They strongly encourage parents to include their own culture, background, traditions, and beliefs in their birthing experience. This centre supports Indigenous families throughout pregnancy and childbirth. 

Currently, ten groups of midwives are affiliated with the Toronto Birth Centre, and the centre can accommodate about 525 admissions each year. This centre set themselves up for low-risk, uncomplicated births. Midwives have access to equipment and supplies needed for many common situations and emergencies, including repairing lacerations from birth, neonatal resuscitation, treating postpartum hemorrhage, and responding to other complications. Midwives can also offer comfort and pain management tools during labor. Epidurals and narcotics are hospital-based pain relief options and are not available at the birth centre. 


Midwives specially train to continuously assess risk and recognize signs of emergency complications during labor and delivery. If emergency situations occur, midwives can recommend transfer to a local hospital, where patients can get more specialized help and services for high-risk situations. 

The Toronto Birth Centre is more than just a place to give birth. This amazing centre stays fully committed to being a positive resource in the community for information and support for pregnant people, families, and local communities. This birth centre offers prenatal classes, access to complementary therapies, referrals for care providers, educational opportunities, and community partnerships that provide extra support during pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, and the early months of parenting. The resources available at the Toronto Birth centre ensure that no family feels alone in their parenthood journey! 

Toronto Birth Centre

Toronto Birth Centre is a pivotal part of the Indigenous community in the Toronto area and beyond. This birth centre provides culturally-respectful care to families of all backgrounds. This birth centre comes well-equipped to provide spectacular care throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum recovery period. Empowering all families to have a successful start to their lives as new parents. 

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