Preparing for Parenthood: An Overview of Toronto Prenatal Classes

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual – but it does come with the opportunity to take plenty of classes! Great prenatal classes cover everything from CPR and first aid to breastfeeding to childbirth. They equip you with knowledge and empower you with confidence. Whether you’re expecting or have just welcomed a baby, classes can also help you build community with other families who are in a similar phase of life. Check out these Toronto prenatal classes to see what’s available in our area! 

Preparing for Childbirth and Your New Baby with Toronto Prenatal Classes

Mount Sinai

Firstly, Mount Sinai Hospital is a fantastic resource in our city for all things health and wellness, including prenatal classes! They offer courses like Pregnancy 101, Preparing for Parenthood, and Preparing for Childbirth and Your New Baby. In addition to the basics, they also have classes for soon-to-be grandparents, classes on pelvic floor health, and even a labor and birth refresher course for parents expecting a second or third baby. 

Toronto Public Health

Toronto Public Health offers a series of free individual and group-based programs to support expecting families in the city of Toronto. Their programming is led by public health nurses and/or registered dietitians passionate about helping growing families. Among several others, the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program helps moms-to-be facing challenging life situations. The Young Parent Prenatal Program supports pregnant individuals in their teens and early 20s. 

New Life Prenatal Classes

New Life founder and facilitator Effie has supported thousands of families as they prepare to welcome new babies as a doula and childbirth educator. They offer group and prenatal courses for couples, as well as e-classes and workshops. You’ll learn basics like diapering and breastfeeding and create a safe space with other parents-to-be to ask questions and address your concerns. 

Sunnybrook Hospital

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is there for your family when you need it most. In addition, they’ll help you learn how to take care of your new baby and prepare for the exciting and challenging transition into parenthood. They offer plenty of classes for first-time parents looking to learn more about childbirth and caring for an infant, refresher courses for recurring parents, and multiples classes for those expecting more than one baby. 

Nutmeg Consulting

Nutmeg Consulting offers non-judgmental parenting support for parents of all backgrounds, identities, and cultures. Their classes are offered virtually, in group settings, and one-on-one consultations, depending on your preferences. Learn about pregnancy and childbirth basics, returning to work, gentle sleep training, and pumping and weaning. 

The Baby Academy

The Baby Academy’s mission is to harness the expertise of the world’s leading healthcare professionals and make it accessible to parents in an entertaining way. They offer a limited selection of free in-person classes, as well as “Ultimate” classes that are primarily virtual, though some also feature one-on-one consulting. Their goal is to help parents feel supported and educated, whatever phase of parenthood you’re in!

Toronto Prenatal Classes

Equip yourself with extra knowledge and confidence by taking one (or several!) of these Toronto prenatal classes. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve taken the extra step towards being the best parent you can be, and all while learning the information you need to keep you and your baby healthy and strong.

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