Prenatal Fitness Toronto to Keep Your Mental & Physical Strength!

Pregnancy can take a toll on the body and mind, and it’s important for moms-to-be to take time for themselves as they embark on their journey to motherhood. Prenatal fitness and mental wellness are important aspects of pregnancy, and these Toronto Prenatal Fitness studios help women develop the physical and mental strength they’ll need as they go through pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum healing, and beyond. 

Seven Studios For Mental and Physical Health With Prenatal Fitness in Toronto

Bellesmere Massage Therapy

1920 Ellesmere Road

Scarborough, ON M1H 2V6

At Bellesmere Massage, moms-to-be can increase their mental well-being through the many benefits of massage therapy. Massage therapists treat more than just areas of complaint – they analyze, evaluate, and assess trouble spots to find the root cause of pain and resolve it. Prenatal massage at Bellesmere Massage can nurture a more balanced body that is prepared to deal with the physical and mental effects of pregnancy. While not being the first thing you think of for Prenatal Fitness in Toronto, the physical and mental benefits of massage can do wonders! Bellesmere Massage provides relaxing and therapeutic treatments to help with pregnancy-related issues such as sciatica, poor circulation, shortness of breath, carpal tunnel, leg cramps, joint pain, edema, insomnia, stress, anxiety, breast pain, heartburn, indigestion, constipation. Prenatal massage is a great way to relax the mind and body, helping women prepare their bodies for labor and delivery. 

Toronto Yoga Mamas

1402 Queen Street

Toronto, ON M4L 1C9

Yoga Mamas is the leading maternal wellness center in Toronto, helping pregnant women stay physically fit throughout pregnancy through a variety of classes and services. Women can receive the very best in care, from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond. Yoga Mamas specializes in prenatal and postnatal fitness. By joining the community, moms-to-be can keep their bodies ready for labor and delivery. Clients can bring their yoga mat into the large, beautifully-sunlit space, and rest assured that all classes are specifically designed to be safe for pregnancy. Prenatal movement classes are safe for all stages of pregnancy and can help women feel more calm and connected throughout their pregnancy journey. 

Belly Co by Body Co Prenatal Fitness

3093 Dundas Street

West Toronto, ON M6P 1Z9

Belly Co by Body Co Prenatal Fitness is a specialty curated blend of prenatal pilates, pelvic health-focused exercises, resistance training, and mindfulness designed to help moms-to-be thrive during pregnancy while building a community with other expectant parents. Prenatal fitness classes at Belly Co are a great way to stay in physical shape throughout pregnancy by increasing strength and energy, reducing stress levels, learning how to connect with your core, and reducing aches and pains that are common with pregnancy.

Class sizes are small so that instructors can give each person the attention they need while fostering a sense of community. Each class only has 6-8 participants, and instructors are able to give hands-on modifications and corrections to class members as they go. The team are all certified in perinatal fitness and healthcare, able to understand the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy. Instructors are able to provide evidence-based modifications and advice when it comes to prenatal exercise and fitness. 


656 The Queensway

Toronto, ON M8Y 1K7

Moms-to-be can start their journey with Oona, becoming empowered as they learn that their body is strong, flexible, and able to be pain-free through a variety of exercises and services. Oona specializes in pregnancy care, helping pregnant women feel their best mentally. Although the path to parenthood is different for everyone, Oona provides a wide range of services to families so they are equipped with everything they need to be successful. Services include acupuncture, chiropractic care, lactation support, massage therapy, mental health support, nutrition support, occupational therapy, pelvic floor therapy, doula services, postpartum support, workshops, community events, and more.

Women shouldn’t need to suffer in silence with pregnancy aches and pains. At Oona, women can feel their best with regular self-care. Prenatal massage therapy can help clients feel their best physically as well as mentally. Registered massage therapy treatments are available at Oona in Toronto. These treatments help increase overall feelings of well-being and help ease muscle soreness and tension. Prenatal massage can help with relaxation, reducing stress, increasing blood flow, helping with tight hips and back pain, easing headaches and neck pain, decreasing rib pain, decreasing leg cramps, helping with depression and anxiety, and treating sciatic nerve pain.

Additionally, massage therapists at Oona have decades of combined experience and use special pillows to allow for comfortable positioning during massage sessions during all stages of pregnancy. Their massage oils are all hypoallergenic, safe, and gentle. Massage therapy can continue postpartum as women heal from labor and delivery. Massage therapy is complimentary with all of Oona’s fertility, prenatal, and postnatal services in Toronto. 

Mighty Mom

Mighty Mom knows that “bounceback” culture is nonsense. A woman’s body is allowed to change and progress over time, and women deserve to feel empowered in their own bodies. Moms should feel strong and powerful in every stage of motherhood. Mighty Mom workouts can be done anywhere and are an effective way for women to see and feel positive changes in their bodies, no matter where they are in their journey of motherhood. Mighty Mom helps prenatal and postpartum women get strong and feel comfortable in their own skin. Physical fitness is important, even as a woman’s body changes and expands during pregnancy. Workouts consist of a 6-week program focused on getting strong and feeling empowered, activating deep core muscles, and practicing core breathing and pelvic floor function. Women learn how to listen to their bodies and modify exercises as the pregnancy progresses. 

Oh Baby Fitness

20 Parkhill Road E

Cambridge, ON 

Oh Baby Fitness and Doula Support strive to help women balance a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Oh Baby Fitness offers services to help women have happy, healthy pregnancies. Fitness classes help pregnant women gain strength that will be important during labor and delivery. Oh Baby Fitness also offers birth and postpartum doula services to help women navigate their choices and transition into a new role as a mother. Placenta encapsulation services are also available. 

The Fit Bellies class was designed to prepare pregnant mothers for pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood, physically and emotionally. The Fit Tummies class is a one-hour class featuring a cardiovascular warm-up, 30 minutes of full-body strength training, and 15 minutes to specifically target core muscles which include abdominal, pelvic floor, and low back muscles. The 30-minute full-body workout focuses on the major muscle groups and helps women develop the strength they need to have a healthy, physically-fit pregnancy. 

Mommy Connections

202 Industrial Street

Toronto, ON 

Mommy Connections knows that it takes a village. They want to come alongside parents to help them build their own village. Programs include informative discussions led by local experts, an opportunity to try new activities, and many chances to socialize with other parents at the same stage as you. These workshops and discussions are a great way to boost mental wellness during pregnancy and beyond. 

The Mom-To-Be program includes a lot of information that prepares women for the final stages of pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester postpartum healing period. Pregnant women can meet a “village” of other supportive women at the same stage of life as they are. The program provides information on nutrition, preparing for childbirth, breastfeeding, and discussions. There are also gentle yoga and pilates classes offered for all fitness levels. This program includes socializing, door prizes, and even a gift bag. This program is a wonderful way to nourish the spirit during pregnancy, forming a sense of community. 

Prenatal Fitness Toronto

These Toronto prenatal fitness studios help women feel their best during pregnancy and beyond as they nourish their bodies and minds. From prenatal yoga classes to parenting support groups, these Toronto businesses help moms-to-be function at their best, both physically and mentally, as they prepare for the arrival of their new baby. 

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