Toronto Prenatal Massage Studios With Relieving Services

Throughout pregnancy, every parent learns about The Stance. I’m sure you’re picturing it now. It’s the one with your legs slightly spread apart, your belly out, and your hands on your back, desperately trying to provide some relief. Pregnancy is so hard on your body, and you’re constantly trying to find ways to make it a little easier, whether it’s through The Stance or with forty pillows surrounding you in bed. If you need some TLC, you should consider booking a prenatal massage. Not only will these services help you relax, but they can also target problem areas to give you a more comfortable pregnancy. Here are a few of the best places around Toronto for a prenatal massage

5 Toronto Prenatal Massage Locations to Equip Your Body for Birth

Elmwood Spa

Elmwood Spa has several services that will leave you feeling restored. The spa utilizes safe methods to help you with common pregnancy pains. You can book retreats lasting up to 5 hours. During this time, you’ll get a massage, water therapy, a scrub, a facial, a hair treatment, and an entire three-course lunch built to satisfy all your cravings. 

Yoga Mamas

Yoga Mamas is a center devoted to helping you feel your best throughout pregnancy! The studio has doulas, pregnancy fitness classes, and prenatal massages. Their massages target overworked areas to relieve swelling, aching joints, and muscle strains. Following the birth of your baby, you can stop by for a postpartum massage. 

Body & Soul Massage Therapy

Body & Soul Massage Therapy is a spa that provides both holistic and cosmetic services. The trained therapists utilize positioning to keep you comfortable throughout your massage. This Toronto prenatal massage studio relies on scent-free lotions to prevent any reactions from their products. Over the session, your therapist will blend different styles, leaving you feeling amazing.

Spa myBlend

Spa myBlend is a unique Toronto studio that understands everybody is different. Their therapists will tailor their services to your needs to ensure you get the most out of your time there. The studio provides prenatal massages that last 60-90 minutes. You’ll have the option to add on a manicure once your back is feeling great. The studio uses green, sustainable products so you can feel good in more ways than one! 

Oona Cares 

Oona Cares is a company completely devoted to helping you with every aspect of early parenthood. On top of their doulas, lactation consultants, and mental health specialists, the company has trained prenatal massage therapists to work on expecting parents. They use special pillows and hypoallergenic oils to make sure you stay safe. The studio offers other specialized massages, including fertility and postpartum services. 

Toronto Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massages are the best way to equip your body for growing a baby. Check out these Toronto prenatal massage studios for a more comfortable pregnancy! 

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