Pelvic Floor Therapy in Toronto To Build Back Strength After Birth

For years, moms have made jokes about things like needing to cross your legs every time you sneeze. Long-term bladder incontinence was just another part of having a baby, and that was that. Thankfully, we’ve gotten pretty good about finding ways to help your body following delivery. Through regular physical therapy, you can build up your pelvic floor muscles so you can get back to life without constantly having to worry about laughing just a little bit too hard. If you want to leave bladder incontinence behind, here are some of the best therapists for pelvic floor therapy in Toronto.

Take Your Body Back With Any Of These 5 Therapists And Pelvic Floor Therapy in Toronto 

Toronto Yoga Mommas Pelvic Floor Therapy

Since 2012, Toronto Yoga Mommas has specialized in helping thousands of new parents build up strength following the births of their babies. The center offers five pelvic floor physiotherapists and is open every day of the week. You’ll have several different options to give you support both before and after delivery. Because most of the specialists have waitlists, it’s best to get your appointment scheduled as soon as possible! 

Advanced Pelvic

At Advanced Pelvic, all the physiotherapists have extensive training to provide you with relief. During your initial consultation, they’ll perform an evaluation to learn more about your case. Following this, they’ll draft up a personalized plan so you can get going right away. The Toronto center helps with a long list of conditions, including prenatal and postpartum pelvic floor therapy and rehabilitation. 

Proactive Pelvic Health Centre

Proactive Pelvic Health Centre provides assistance through every stage of parenthood. This practice will help your body feel prepared for labor and delivery. Once your baby has arrived, Proactive will assist with pelvic girdle pain, diastasis recti abdominis, and incontinence. They have an additional online guide that will let you work on these issues from the comfort of your home. 

Toronto Physiotherapy

Toronto Physiotherapy has two convenient locations across the city ready to assist with your pelvic floor therapy. The practice offers 1-on-1 private rooms where you’ll train with an experienced physiotherapist. During your appointment, you’ll go through exercises you can do both in-office and at-home. The services are normally covered through your healthcare plan. You don’t need a referral to book services with the clinic.

Vital Physiotherapy 

Vital Physiotherapy provides support through hands-on appointments. The woman-run clinic will work with you before delivery to help with joint pain, back pain, pelvic pain, and labor prep. Once your baby is born, you can stop in for help with diastasis recti, incontinence, prolapse, and more. All the physiotherapists are careful to treat every patient with sensitivity. 

Pelvic Floor Therapy Toronto

You don’t have to live a life constantly plagued by little accidents. With these Toronto pelvic floor therapy centers, you can have relief from incontinence. 

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